Chai Brands Fire Back At Coca Cola Over New Advertisements

Coca-Cola’s recent ad comparing tea with Coke has just sparked a brand war between them and Lipton. The rivalry began when Coca-Cola started its new campaign that targets chai and basically shows that Coke is a better choice between the two beverages.

Coca-Cola’s new campaign has produced two ads which compare chai with Coke and glorifies the beverage in favor of chai by using the tag line ”Zaalima Chai Nahi, Coca-Cola Pila Dey’.

Zalima Chai Nai Coca-Cola Pila Dey ad

Coca Cola Ad featuring Maya Ali

Lipton’s ‘Pakistanis Love Chai Zalima…Nice Try

Only a couple of days ago, Lipton which is the most renowned brand of chai finally decided to hit back at Coca-Cola with a stronger and better tag line saying ”Pakistanis love chai Zalima..Nice Try.

Nestle Everyday ‘Dunk Now Zalima’ ad

Chai is indeed Pakistan’s favorite beverage. For us, it isn’t just a beverage, it’s part of our lives, which is why Lipton isn’t alone in this war. Very soon after Lipton took a jab at Coca-Cola, Nestle also joined through its Everyday brand and took a direct jab at Coca-Cola using the tagline ‘Dunk Now Zalima’, portraying that dunking a biscuit which is another favorite of Pakistanis is impossible with Coke.

Something tells us this isn’t the end of the brand wars because it seems people are enjoying these humorous brand takes on each other and besides it has also united chai lovers and coke lovers together to defend their favorite beverage.

Or As Auntie Gormit would say, these are all in it together! Either way fun for us!