This Baker Made The Perfect Cake For Her Friend’s Military Dad

Cuppies n Cakes is a designer cake service catering to Islamabad & Rawalpindi. But what stands out about this designer cake service compared to the tons of others out there is the love for making military themed cakes. Being a daughter of retired military officer, the owner Fatima Hamad provides cakes for every kind of occasion, but her military themed cakes are baked with extra love as one would expect with her background and this one cake got our attention.

This particular military themed cake surprised us with the attention to details it had. Fatima had it specially prepared for her friend’s dad.

The Baker Behind Cuppies n Cakes

Fatima started baking as a hobby in 2010 and is mostly self-taught using baking tutorials available on youtube and other sites. She has an MPhil in Interior designing from Government College of Home Economics, Lahore but she found that baking was much more fun and instead opted to become a cake designer.

According to her, an average cake costs around Rs. 3000-5000 and takes about 6-7 hours of her time.

Fatima Hamad takes regular cake orders through her Facebook Page. Although she started this page in 2010 just to showcase her hobby, it is not a fully operational online business hub where she takes her orders from.

Being a married person with 2 kids and working managing time to run her small business, Fatima is a living proof that if you have enough passion for pursuing what you love, you’ll always get there no matter what. Check out her Facebook page for more of her designer cakes.

While Fatima bakes beautiful military themed cakes, she also does design other cakes. Some of our favorites are featured below.

It is thanks to Facebook in Pakistan that has provided a platform for people like Fatima who want to showcase their skills to the world and even earn money at the same time.