April Fool Pranks 2017 Round Up

April Fools day is celebrated all over the world on every first of April. The day is celebrated by playing practical jokes and spreading false news. This year there were plenty of jokes that managed to convince people that they were real. We have some fo the best he pranks and jokes from big companies that ended up fooling a lot of people.

Note: A lot of people believe the Hoax about April Fool’s origin from Spain during the time Muslims were defeated. That itself is a hoax, and you can read more details here.

Express Tribune’s New Islamabad Airport

Express Tribune released a post that declared the new Islamabad airport to be named after Chinese Premier Xi Jinping Airport. This was a very convincing prank in light of CPEC becoming a reality in Pakistan. According to Tribune, even Google had changed the name of the airport in Google Maps. Former Interior Minister,  Rehman Malik even fell for the prank and tweeted against the naming.

check out the full prank here.

Google Maps Morphed Into Ms. Pac-Man

Google changed its Maps app to feature Ms.Pac Man. Basically, when you visited Google maps on your mobile or PC, it would change the map into an arcade-like game featuring Ms.Pac Man.

Emirates unveiled plans for new super plane

Emirates announced that it would be creating the world’s Largest aircraft called the ‘triple-decker APR001’. It was to include a games room, swimming pool, gym, and park.

Google Launches Google For Pets

Google pretended to have launched new apps and games for pets. For this purpose, Google launched a new platform ‘Google Play For Pets’ which was supposed to be a new category dedicated apps designed for your pets.

McDonald’s Launches Micro Mac

McDonald’s pretended to launch a micro version of its very famous Big Mac Cheeseburger.



Lexus Previews new technology ‘The Lane Valet’

The new lane valet technology by Lexus would automatically change the lane of the car in front of you with just a press of a button. We definitely need this one in Pakistan.


Honda Horn Emojis

Honda introduced hilarious horn emojis which would create different expressive horn sounds upon pressing a emoji button present on the steering wheel.


KFC’s introduces Smart bucket

The KFC Smart bucket would connect to the internet and would allow customers to order fried chicken with their voice and the bucket would give ‘relevant fried chicken news’.

Did any of these manage to make a fool out of you? Let us know if we missed your favorite April Fools joke.