7 Things that are about to Change as Winters End in Pakistan

Winters are absolutely loved by all Pakistanis (Maybe not all, but most). They are welcomed like a long, overdue, cherishable gift, thoroughly celebrated up until their inevitable dismissal.

The extended cold nights and short warm days of this season are perfectly suited for a lazy work routine and give us plenty of time for Netflix. But the most important thing we love about our winters is that they’re nothing like our summers! Anyone who’s lived in our arid, dusty and VERY hot country will know that our summers are brutal and merciless. From the scorching weather, frequent power shortages, sunburns, and drought-like conditions, survival can be tough – You need resilience and patience.

As the summer season rapidly approaches and the sun prepares to permanently grace us with its energy for the next 7-9 months, I think this is an apt time to reminisce what we’ll miss most about the winters, and prepare for the doom that awaits.

1- Evergreen Cups of Chai Replace Soothing Cups of Coffee

You can’t be categorized as a typical Pakistani if your day doesn’t begin with a cup of tea. From your intense household discussions, your ‘rishta’ meeting, to your midnight study session’s everything begins with…

It is only in winters when we set our teacups aside and enjoy freshly brewed coffee in large warm mugs – They’re a refreshing change from the typical dose of caffeine, packed with an extra punch for the drowsy mornings.

2. Sleeping in Warm Blankets

The completely crazy and most comforting feeling in the world is blasting the ceiling fan to full speed at night and running for refuge under the bed covers – So so comforting!

Now get ready to put those blankets and ‘Razaiyans’ in the cupboards and have you’re A.C’s serviced.

3. Not having to worry about what you’ll wear because a Jacket will do!

Ladies, can we just take a moment to appreciate the high street fashion of shawls and sweaters. They’re easily accessible and yet still manage to look very classy – I can be looking like a complete hobo but a pashmina shawl can instantly change that.

Brace yourselves for the lawn season tornado and the struggle to accessorize in the blistering summer heat.

4. Sardiyon ki Dhoop v/s Heat Stroke ki Shiddat

Remember those subtle sun rays in the winter afternoons that felt tender and gentle on your skin? Well, prepare to get sun burnt from those very rays in June and July. TWO words by friend – Sun Screen!

5. Binge Eating Varieties

A big shout-out to peanuts, cashews, pizzas, and Nutella sandwiches that make midnight snacking so much more interesting in winter. Not only does the cold have a way of encouraging one’s appetite but the tons of snacking options also entice our taste buds.

In summers, the one thing I look forward to is refreshing juices.

6. Having Great Hair Days!

In a matter of days we can go from waking up like this:

To this:

7. Becoming an outdoorsy type of Person because the weather just DEMANDS it!

To becoming a wormhole who’d rather stay put in one place than Bear the Heat

Even though we love winters far too much and hate to see them leave so soon, you can’t help but acknowledge that summers do equate to summer vacations, ice cream, more daylight hours, and a general burst of freshness. Use this opportunity to plan a holiday with your family and friends and travel to a colder region of the world while the summers last in Pakistan. How does Canada sound?