Watch: Family Responds to Interrupted Live Interview That Went Viral

Professor Robert E. Kelly is a political pundit who was being interviewed by BBC news when his daughter and son walked in while it was being televised live. He was in the middle of an interview discussing South Korea when he was interrupted by his two very adorable children. The original video is definitely worth a watch.

Here we have the video that is popularly dubbed as the ‘Best Video of 2017’:

The daughter had a lot of swag when entering

‘You really shouldn’t be here’

And then the most adorable baby enters in the most hilarious of twists

Followed by the mommy coming in and trying to keep a low profile while taking away the kids

There were a lot of speculations on the internet as to whether the wife was the nanny (because she looked Asian), as well as a lot of chatter on the swaggy way the daughter entered the interview. The video has given laughs and smiles to millions of people around the world. The funny thing about it was the spontaneity, randomness and the sheer hilarity of the situation in the middle of an otherwise very serious interview. It was also speculated that the Professor Kelly perhaps did not stand up because he was wearing pajamas underneath the suit.

The family was invited to interview again and responded to all these speculations and more:

They clarified that Jung-a Kim was indeed Robert’s wife and that Robert was definitely wearing pants in the middle of the interview. They expressed their surprise and even shock as Robert told BBC how he thought that his relationship with the British news channel perhaps might be over. But he and his wife also expressed that they were glad that people enjoyed their video even though its virality caught them by surprise.

This is one viral sensation that they and millions around the world will not forget easily.