Watch: A Falling Meteor over Gilgit recorded by CCTV

A meteor lit up the skies in the city of Gilgit last night. Several of its citizens witnessed the spectacle as a meteor flew over their city.

The incident happened around 9 PM last night when the areas surrounding Ghizer and Diamer districts saw a bright object in the sky just above the mountains that covered the area.

Video courtesy Pamir Times

Soon after the bright light, citizens also heard multiple explosion sounds that caused panic and fear amongst them. Many of these people reported that their roofs and windows shook up with the loud sound of the meteor.

A lot of people uploaded the footage of this incident over social media where it went viral. While a lot of people it had fallen in, experts revealed that it had not hit the ground.

The large explosion sounds that were heard were actually created by the speed of the meteor ripping through the sky. This phenomenon is known as sonic boom which is commonly observed in meteorites upon entering the atmosphere.

Meteors falling isn’t something rare. The meteoritical Bulletin Database has around 1,149 confirmed meteor fallen around the world till now.

There are several incidents where people were also able to catch this on camera. Watch some of them below: