Watch: Chicken As Big As A Dog has the internet in disbelief

A video of a freakishly huge chicken surfaced on the internet during the weekend and has the entire internet up in disbelief with its unusual size.

The chicken belongs to the Brahma species of the chicken which is often called the king of the poultry. Having large size, these chickens can grow up to weigh 8 KG.

The chicken in the video is called ‘big boss’ and belongs to Fltim Seffijaj, a farmer in Kosovo.

Brahma is a large breed of chicken that was developed in the U.S and was used as principal meat breed in the country from years 1850 – 1930.

The bird was first developed when the United States cross bred Chittagong chickens with imported large birds from the Chinese port of Shanghai which were called Shanghai birds.

A typical Brahma chicken can weigh around 5.5 KG (male) and 4.5 KG (female). But in rare cases, the chicken can weigh as much as 8-10 KGs (male).

The Brahma chicken also lays larger eggs which weigh approximately 55-60 grams whereas a typical chicken lays eggs of around 42.5 grams (small eggs).

A typical chicken breed that is used as the prime source of white meat in Pakistan weighs around 1.2 KGs to 3.5 KGs in weight so you can well imagine how large ‘Big Boss’ is.