UAE Police used fake cutout car to keep over-speeders at bay

The UAE Police devised an innovative and effective method to keep speedsters at bay on the highways. To keep them from over-speeding, the police created mock up petrol car made out of cutouts of metal.

The car is effectively parked along the highways which give the feeling of an actual police patrol car parked on the side of the road.  It even has police lights that are constantly turned on to scare incoming speedsters.

UAE highways have a strict speed limit of 120 km per hour, much like Pakistan’s own motorway. But drivers are often breaking this speed limit when they are not under the eye of a camera. Most cars that are aware of no cameras nearby tend to speed up to 140 km/hr or more.

The tactic used by the UAE police is although one of its kind, it isn’t the first time police has used such tactics against speedsters on highways.

Police in the New Zealand, Australia and United States occasionally place cutouts of traffic wards at junctions to prevent people from overspeeding.

The UAE Police’s attempt to hold speedsters at bay went viral over the internet because of it’s comical nature.