Thor Goes Through Makeover For Thor: Ragnarok

Warning This post contains minor spoilers from the Thor: Ragnarok storyline. If you want to go watch the movie fresh, we highly recommend you stop reading now.

Entertainment Weekly has just released a bunch of new photos from the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok. The biggest shocker of these images is Thor’s brand new look with short hair, a new suit, and weapons.

Alongside revealing Thor’s new look, EW also released brand new plot details for the movie which gives an insight on the events that are about to unfold in the third solo movie of Thor.

Apparently, Hela, the movie’s main antagonist has been set free accidently from her prison. She is the Goddess of Death who will be sending Thor to Planet Hulk where he will face against none other than The Hulk.

Planet Hulk (a.k.a Sakaar) is basically a planet where all the universe’s dump is sent to. Bad People from all walks of life carrying different abilities are commonly found fighting each other.

According to the plot details, Thor will also lose his hammer in the movie, the main source of his strength. That is why he is seen with two swords in the pictures.

The photos also revealed that Thor’s brother Loki will be making a comeback in the movie alongside a new character Valkyrie.

The only thing that still remains a mystery is the role of Doctor Strange in the movie. The post-credits scene from Doctor Strange confirmed that he will be a part of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to release on October 26 in Australia, October 27 in UK and November 3 in the U.S.

Just like every Marvel movie, Pakistan may be able to see it in theaters on October 27.