Suicidal Pakistani Saved By Another Pakistani In Hong Kong

A 34 year old Pakistani was saved by a Pakistani policeman in Hong Kong, the policeman used Urdu to persuade the man to come down from a crane at a construction site in Kowloon.


Ifzal Zaffar works at the Yau Mei Tei police station in Hong Kong. He is the fifth non-Chinese youngster to join the Police Force. It was his sharpness of mind and his empathy that led him to speak to the man in Urdu, who knows the feelings that might be triggered in the suicidal man to stop him from committing suicide by a fellow Pakistani speaking his mother tongue in a foreign country.

The event was covered spectacularly by the Chinese media:

Chinese Media Coverage of Event

They even added a little blush to express how Ifzal felt with all the attention he was getting:

Ifzal was celebrated as a hero by the local community:

As you can see, Ifzal speaks fluent Cantonese as well and is a model citizen of apparently both Pakistan and Hong Kong.

At just 20 years old, Ifzal has already saved a life. How many of us can boast about that?

And he seems to be pretty cool as well, doing things young people do, including selfies:

There’s nothing like hearing about fellow Pakistanis doing amazing things in other countries and at just 20 years old Ifzal Zaffar is already a person we can all look up to.