A Robot waiter from Multan is making waves but is it really self made or just self assembled?

A video recently surfaced on the internet showcased a ‘Robot’ waiter serving people at a local restaurant in Multan, Pakistan.

The video, first published by TechJuice showed a robot hovering around tables and serving food to pizza.com restaurant in Multan.


According to the video, the creator of the robot is Syed Usama Aziz, an electrical engineering graduate from NUST. He built this robot from the ground up by spending an investment of 4 LAKH rupees and 8  months of hard work.

From the video, it is evident that the robot follows a set pattern through a line put on the ground.

It may just have been bought, assembled and just programmed by the guy instead of how it’s being reported that he built it himself.

According to what we can see it’s just a motorized trolly following embedded sensors on the ground delivering food to specified tables. Cool? Definitely! Something Extraordinary? Definitely not. You can buy yourself one from any number of Chinese vendor for few thousand dollars.

You can buy yourself one from any number of Chinese vendor for few thousand dollars.

A similar robot has been serving customers in a local restaurant in China. According to the video, this was Usama’s inspiration.

If you look over the internet, this machines are, in fact, being used in many restaurants and are nothing more than just an attraction.

The robots were virtually not intelligent at all – an employee at the restaurant called the Chopstics Passion in China.

Read how these so called robots are failing across China. Some restaurants have even fired them since at current they aren’t very useful.

However, the server bots can only move along a fixed path and can’t respond to customers’ requests. –Kcby.com

Now if you head over to Alibaba.com, you’ll see a plethora of these server bots available for purchase at around $3,000-5000 a piece. Here is what the description of the bot says:

How Do they Work?

The smart robot for delivery meals have a setting program by Technical Engineer, deliver the meals from the kitchen to customer. Once the food or drink is prepared, a chef or bartender will place it the drone and key in a number for a table. The food can be served by waiters at the table or people can self-serve from the tray the robot is holding. The Robot Returns to the kitchen on a press of a button or can be custom programmed to return when empty.

So the real question is, is this really a robot or just a machine that is designed to follow magnetic paths on the ground? Was it really built in Pakistan by a student or just imported from China?

You be the judge.

Either way, it’s a good thing for restaurants as an attraction strictly for marketing in order to stand out.