Pickpockets Are Now Targeting Marriage Ceremonies

If you’ve got a shaadi coming, you’ve got to read this shocking story about a child pickpocket that has surfaced over the internet.

The story, originally shared by Bilal Zafar, a Facebook user urges people to be very careful at shaadis.

At the time of rukhsati, my mom’s bag which had all the SALAMIS got picked.

Bilal claims that in January when his sister was getting married at the Tulip Marquee, Club Road Islamabad, the bag in which his mom was carrying all the Salami went missing.

We contacted the management of the Hall but they were nt helpful at all and they just said that they ll have a look at the CCTV and get back to us which they never did.

At the time they weren’t sure what had happened and had to seek the help of the management to try and find the missing bag but the management failed to help.

When the shaadi video came out, it showed a child who was constantly near the bag and then it caught him doing the act.

When the video of the shaadi finally came, Bilal and his family were able to witness the theft of the salami bag first hand. Apparently, an innocent child who had belonged to no one was involved in the deed.

Bilal says the boy was clearly visible while stealing the salamis bag from his mom.

This is quite alarming because the shaadi halls really don’t have any security measures in place to check who goes in and out. Thus a pickpocket such as this child can easily get in your shaadi and steal belongings of people.

There is no indication whether the boy was working alone or coordinated with someone at the shaadi to steal.

If you can identify the kid from the images, Bilal urges you to help him out by identifying the child and getting in touch with him.