This Photographer From Lahore took Smartphone photography to a whole new level

With an abundance of photographers in Pakistan, there are only a few who turn their photos into magical memories. We stumbled upon these fascinating pieces of art by Uzair Aziz, a self-taught photographer from Lahore.

His photographs that fuse iPhone with photos left us completely bedazzled. Check out his iPhone art below.

Uziar combines his photography with art to offer something very unique. For this series, he has combined an iPhone with popular places of Lahore. If you’re a Lahori, these are definitely a treat for you.

About The Photographer

Uzair is a self-taught photographer from Lahore who is also an engineer. But photography has always been his passion. He may have started late, but from what we have seen so far, Uzair is an amazing photographer that can merge and fuse photos with some very creative art.

He also provides wedding photography, drone coverage and 2d animation.

If you loved what you just saw, you’ll be excited to know that Uzair is actually also teaching people how to do this through his YouTube channel for free. You could also always take paid tutorial from the photographer/artist if you really dig out his work.

Also, check out more of his work on his official Facebook account.