Pakistani Team Wins Communication Award at International Car Making Competition

Team PNEC from NUST that is representing Pakistan at the  Shell Eco-marathon Competition just won its first major award. The Shell Eco-Marathon is an international competition in which engineering students from all around the world compete to test the most energy-efficient cars that they could come up with. A part of the competition is to test maximum mileage over one liter of fuel for the showcased prototype cars.

Making Pakistan Proud

The competition is split into two categories and Team PNEC NUST had built two separate cars for it. One was the Prototype category where comfort did not matter and the car needed to be as efficient as possible. The other was the UrbanConcept category which encouraged more practical designs to meet the needs of consumers as well as be more energy efficient.

Team PNEC NUST’s Prototype Car

The UrbanConcept Car

Team PNEC NUST kept updated on the event through their Facebook Page.

This picture, for example, shows them as they were just checking in. Just think of all the excitement and competitive drive they must be feeling as they awaited the major competition to start.

Updating us about their morning brief

Technical inspections

Go Pakistan!

The competition aims to showcase student talent when it comes to the energy problems of tomorrow pertaining to fuel efficiency and making cars that are not only efficient but also produce the minimum of pollution in the process. The competition certainly gets the student’s innovative and thinking gears running and it’s a source of immense pride for Pakistan to be a part of this international level event which features some of the most brilliant students in the world.