These Pakistani Songs Will Take You Back In The Golden Era Of Pakistani Music

Patari recently posted a list of Pakistani songs from the 90s. We couldn’t help but repost their epic selection of songs from the 90s.

During the 90s, Pakistani pop music produced some of the best musicians our country has ever seen. It includes people and bands like Awaaz, Junoon, Sajjad Ali, Ali Haider, Shehzad Roy, Hadika Kiani, Junaid Jamshed, Strings to just name a few.

The list released by the biggest music streaming website of Pakistan includes the classic hits that we all fell in love with.  Here is a video tribute based on the same list and some songs that they missed.

For the original audio list, visit this link on Patari.

Mega Playlist of all Songs

Just Play it and sit back and listen to the 46 songs in a nonstop playlist.


If you prefer to listen to them one by one you can play what you want from below.

Tumhara Aur Mera Naam by Junaid Jamshed

Purani Jeans by  Ali Haider

Babia by Sajjad Ali

Dupatta by Hadiqa Kiani

Diya (Awaz) by EMI Compilations

Sar Kiye by Strings

Peera Ho by Khalid Anam

Jago by Jazba

Bhangra Rap by Yatagaan

Billo De Ghar by Abrar-Ul-Haq

Jugni by Saleem Javed

Mera Pyar by Aamir Zaki

Tanhai by Fringe Benefits

Ajnabi by Aamir Saleem

Chan Makhna by Shazia Manzoor

Jogi by The Arid Zone

Mast Qalandar by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

No Love by Dr. Aur Billa

Roop Nagar by Najam Sheraz

Janey Kab Say by Faisal Latif

Bhoolna by Sequencers

Patang Baaz (Remix) by Fariha Pervez

Har Palby Ali Sher

December by Abrar-Ul-Haq

Duur by Strings

Jugni by Saleem Javed

Boohey Barian by Hadiqa Kiani

O My Love by Yasir Akhtar

Chand Sa Mukhda by Ali Haider

Khel by Dr. Aur Billa

Chief Saab by Sajjad Ali

Ab Jiya Na Jaye by Junaid Jamshed

Purani Meri Car by The Message

Yeh Meri Zindagi Hai by Bushra Ansari

Qarar by Ali Haider

Paniyon Main by Sajjad Ali

Najaney Kya Hua by Fringe Benefits

Tu Agar Mil Jata by Hadiqa Kiani

Laila by Sequencers

Cycle by Abrar-Ul-Haq

Jhoomay Yeh Sama Ft. Faraz Anwar by Final Cut

Boom Boom by Nazia Hassan

Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs

Sayonee by Junoon

Inse Nain Mila ke Dekho by Najam Sheraz