This Pakistani Creative Artist Brings Movie Characters to Life In The Most Amusing Way Possible

Tez Aftab, a Pakistani filmmaker brings our favorite movie characters to life through his phone.

In my work, the subjects have the feeling of existing in a perfect state. You deeply understand it but what “it” is remained mysterious. – Tez

Aftab’s ‘See it, Frame it, Click it’ is a treat for people who grew up with characters like Batman, Superman, Simpsons, Tom and Jerry.

He uses his phone to connect these characters to the real world by simply placing his phone at the right angle over a real object or person.

The image compels the viewer to consider a larger, unseen reality not based on logic but the image as a whole.

For this series in particular I used various mobile phones to take these photographs; they vary from the Sony Xperia, IPhone, Samsung, and Huawei.


These images are seen through the camera lens, they are not manipulated in the darkroom or computer.

Every photographer is intrinsically a visual storyteller and the subjects in my photographs are inspired by the movies I have seen, from the music I have heard and all that I have experienced through Pop Culture through the years


More about Tez Aftab

Tez Aftab is a Pakistani filmmaker from Trebas Institute Montreal. He has displayed his skills behind the scenes from television to radio to stage to cyber-stage.

He has been creating, conceptualizing and directing shows for television for over 12 years.

Recently, he also started dabbling in TVCs for various brands but nowadays he writes scripts for short films and online media.

You can look at his complete work on his Facebook, and Instagram accounts.