Pakistani Artist’s Sketches Are So Real They’ll Leave You Awestruck

Khayam Nasir is an inspirational Artist from NWFP (KPK), Peshawar, Pakistan.
Born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he started learning Science as a primary selected academic subject. But his love for arts never ended anyway. He is assumed to have started having the love for drawing, and precisely sketching from age 5. In the later years, he began to expose his ideas to the world of sketching.

One of the few things that sets Khayam’s sketches apart from others is that they are filled with minute details. This shows how serious and passionate he is about his work.

Checkout some of his sketches below:


She said, “You are different. You have conviction, passion, the thirst to do it.”

Before he could realise to become an Artist he was merely a student of science driven by the uncertainties of time. He was someone “NOT” flowing with the wind. He tried hard to be a sketch Artist, but he failed since age 5. Exactly! “Since age 5”.

But he moved on, believing it to be the first step of success, “Failure”. He did his graduation in A Grade, Electrical Engineering. He is now 24 that he heard the same voice again, “I bet on you my boy, Don’t be afraid, You have conviction, passion and the thirst..” – She is his mother.

Currently, Khayam Nasir is Peshawar based freelance artist. His work is known for sketching still life, Human sketches, Artists & athletes, Celebrities and those faces having some talent and inspiration, unrevealed, for all of us.

You can check out more of his work on his official Facebook page Sketch Vetch.

Khayam also takes requests from time to time, so don’t hesitate to get yourself a done from him!