How One Pakistani Intends To Change The Emergency Medical Services In Pakistan

For a Pakistani studying in the United States, Adnan Ullah has big plans for when he comes back. The 27-year-old is studying for his medical technician certificate at the Northampton Community College in the USA. He recently talked about his experience in an interview.

Northampton Community College Easton Emergency Squad:

He noted how things are different in the USA:

Adnan Ullah noted how the emergency services in the United States have a lot of equipment and a lot of new procedures that he wants to implement in Pakistan. Adnan Ullah is one of the 16 international students studying this course in the community college.

The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and aims to bridge cultural gaps and educate people from parts of the world where they otherwise would not have had a chance to come to the United States. The associate dean for the college’s Center for International Education, Gonzalez, called these students “academically gifted”.

He calls himself ‘really lucky’ to have had this opportunity to serve his country:

He wants to implement what he is learning back home:

Adnan Ullah, who hails from Mardan, Pakistan, said he was told before coming to America that Americans were rude and will not help you; but he says that the conception changed as soon as he landed in America. “They are so good people,” he noted.

Director of Operations Joseph Cervenka sang praises for Adnan:

He said that Adnan was very hands-on and clearly wanted to learn everything. He was curious and that he asked a lot of questions.

Another one of his American peers also commented:

He said that Adnan had been very open to everything and very eager to learn about everything that they had been teaching him.

Adnan said that this opportunity is very important to him and that he understands the importance of having a more globalized experience and to understand other countries and people from other countries better.

We certainly need more Pakistanis like him to be positive go-getters and come back after getting a high-quality education outside so we can prosper as a nation. He is an inspiration to us all and we wish him all the best.