Meet Islamabad’s Oldest Female Driving Instructor

Ghazala Bangash started her career as a driving instructor back in 1976 with the name Venus driving school. She has now taught over 6000 students in Islamabad to date.

Video courtesy: The Centrum Media

For women who are trying to learn to drive, Ms Bangash is a name that usually comes into their minds. She teaches her students in her trusty old 1973 Datsun which has also become a symbol in Islamabad.

Bangash started her driving school in Rawalpindi but soon started receiving more trainees from Islamabad and shifted her business entirely to the capital.

Even today Ms Bangash runs into her students from time to time on the road. She tells them to lightly honk whenever they see her on the roads and wants to stop for a chat.

Once one of her students crashed into a pole when they tried to turn around to look at her. Bangash knew his address and went to his home to tell him about his mistake.

Ghazala strongly believes in women driving. She even says that 95% of men drive wrong because they aren’t as patient and alert as women are.

If you’re in Islamabad and want to learn driving from the best instructor in town, get in touch with Ghazala Bangash on 2823182.