McDonald’s Goes Full Desi With The Mast Mutton Burger

McDonalds Pakistan has just unleashed the most desi-est burgers of all, the Mast Mutton burger.

This is the first time McDonald’s have gone completely desi with their burgers. The Mast Mutton burger is 100% desi burger because instead of using mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or other western sauces, McDonald’s adds the Pakistani beloved mint sauce and Tandoori sauce.

Here’s what McDonald’s have to say about their new menu item:

McDonald’s Mast Mutton burger has two mast twists. Choose to feast on juicy mutton patty with either tandoori sauce or mint chutney accompanies by fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and oozing cheddar cheese served in a sesame seeded buns.

The mast mutton burger is available for RS 395 without a meal.

If you’re a McDonald’s fan and love mint sauce, this is definitely a treat you gotta check out. Just like most of McDonald’s crazy menu item experiments, this burger will also be a limited edition.

McDonald’s occasionally release experimental menu items. But this is the first time McDonald’s have released a burger that ditches the typical burger sauces in favor of a more desi touch.

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