Martial Arts and Muslim Women

Muslims Female Fighters is an Instagram page that shows Muslim women in a refreshing new light and showcases Muslim women from all over the world doing what these women do best: practice martial arts and other fighting sports. One can only imagine what they can do against anyone who is untrained.

Muslim women are generally viewed as women who do not engage in social activities too much or cannot defend themselves if the need came. Well, this page tells a different story.

The page is managed by Sara Khawar, who is a kickboxer herself. While speaking to a popular online magazine she expressed how she wanted to break the traditional image of Muslim women all around the world. This was her inspiration behind this informative page.

Muslim women from Australia:

To Iranians:





It’s amazing how these women break the mould, sometimes imposed on them by societal circumstance, and stand up for themselves and aren’t afraid to show the world the mettle that they are made of. The page also shows Pakistani Female Fighters in action:

And here’s an inspirational Pakistani mother and daughter play-fighting each other:

We need more social media input like this in our posts to let our daughters, mothers, sons and husbands know that women too can be strong and can break the stereotypes that are put forth by various things around us and rise up to inspire people around us; of both genders.

Here’s to grace and fight going hand in hand:

And here’s to many more Muslim women showing the world that they are capable of so much more than what it is conventionally thought of them around the world.