Here’s Why Adnan Sami Chose To Leave Pakistan

Adnan Sami, the former hit singer, and Pakistani went on to live in India permanently 18 years ago and become an Indian citizen in 2016. Up till now, Adnan has never actually told the reason he chose to leave the country where he made such a name for himself. But recently, Adnan Sami finally revealed the bitter truth on why he left Pakistan for India in a BBC Urdu interview.

Keep in mind that Adnan Sami was originally a British Citizen and was born in London. His father was a Pakistani while his mother was from India.

Adnan told BBC Urdu that he went to India to pursue his musical career. His move may have disappointed millions of Pakistanis, but at that time the situation of the music industry in Pakistan was not on par with India.

Furthermore, he defended his decision to move to India because a lot of people move from one place to another to further their careers, so it was only normal for him to go to Mumbai, India.

But the real reason which influenced his decision to go to India was at that time his Pakistani passport was set to be renewed, but it kept being delayed by the authorities due to his prolong stay in India. During this time, the Indian authorities offered him a permanent residence permit which he chose to apply for and eventually got in.

His last released song was Roya that he wrote for his wife Roya.

He’s currently on tour in Johannesburg, South Africa.