Ever Wonder How You Pray In Space?

So how does a Muslim pray in space exactly? For a Muslim astronaut, this was a question worth asking. In zero gravity, a new sunrise is every 90 minutes for him and in the moving International Space Station, you cannot exactly face Mecca.

Meet Dr Sheikh Muszaphar

This Malaysian-born Muslim astronaut is a crew member on board the 16th mission of the International Space Station. He is a devout Muslim for whom praying and reading the Quran is an important part of life.

Islamic scholars concluded that Dr Sheikh should make his best intention to kneel while praying


And that he should use the local time from where he launched as the prayer timings for himself

As a Muslim I do hope to do my responsibilities. I do hope to fast in space

Malaysia’s space agency Angkasa called upon 150 Islamic scientists and scholars to determine the answer to praying in space among other things and to clear out the confusion.

Every time you see Earth, you get goosebumps and you think of Allah’s creation

Dr Sheikh is the 9th Muslim to travel into space and his devoutness to religion and his duty towards humanity are commendable. We are in awe of this astronaut who is advancing science and humanity as well as fulfilling his spiritual responsibilities in the process. Kudos to him!