Couple Donate Their Wedding Funds To Agha Khan Foundation Instead of Using Them On A Ceremony

This couple, which originally hails from India, after sizing up their expenses and costs for their dream wedding decided the money would be better spent giving to their favourite NGO: the Agha Khan Foundation.

We began tallying up expenses and started to think it wasn’t worth putting that much money toward something that would only last a few days.

Shehzaan said while talking to media. They wanted to have a lasting impact and that is exactly what they did.

The Charitable Couple

Often while dreaming about the life we want to lead we forget how privileged and lucky we are to have the things we have and only think about the things we want more. Shehzaan and Zainab broke that conventional thinking by giving up on what they wanted so they could do something good for the world.

The Agha Khan Foundation aims to eradicate poverty by investing in the education of children

Both Shehzaan and Zainab were very fond of the NGO and both took the decision of donating the money they would otherwise spend on an expensive two to three-day wedding and gave it for the cause of child education.

I’ve seen poverty up close and it’s extremely heart-wrenching” – Shehzaan


They also urged the guests on their wedding to donate to charity instead of giving them wedding gifts

The young couple’s gesture went unnoticed in the media and was just recently picked up

Kudos to them for this inspiring message for not just the youth but to people from all ages and backgrounds. It isn’t every day that you hear stories of self-sacrifice and caring for other like this. We wish them all the best in the life they will make for themselves!