Checkout This Amazing Virtual Reality Field Trip To Pakistan By PenPal Schools

Pakistan is one of those countries which is often misunderstood around the world. Whether it’s an adult or a student, everyone has a wrong perception of Pakistan seen through the eyes of news.

Pakistan is and has always been more than political instability and frequent violence as reported by many news agencies.

PenPal Schools, an online school where students and teachers get together to learn and explore new places is helping people learn about the hidden truths of Pakistan.

The online school has just filmed a virtual reality video of Lahore which will help students and people learn about the rich culture and true image of Pakistan.

Students will be able to experience the sounds and sights of the ancient city of Lahore through the VR video.

PenPal schools collaborated with the government of Pakistan and All Pakistan Private Schools Federation to help make this project become a reality.

Now students from across the world will be able to join with 20 million students from over 197,000 schools in Pakistan to learn more about the country.

The video above is just a teaser of what’s to come. PenPal Schools will launch this unique field trip to Pakistan on March 20th. You can enroll in the course by heading here.

More about PenPal Schools

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