Helping Revive The Tourism Industry of Pakistan, One video at a time!

The Pakistani tourism industry has suffered a lot in the wake of past few year’s terrorist activity in the country. But now as things are settling down, Pakistani tourism is on the rise once again thanks to the contribution of its people.

An electronic engineer graduate from NED, Fatima Hanif has brought it upon herself to promote tourism in Pakistan.

Being a patriot, I realised something a while ago. Our economy is going down the drain. And, as bitter as it may sound, it’s up to us to regain what is lost. – Fatima Hanif

Fatima realized that promoting tourism in Pakistan will contribute a lot towards the economy of the country. She started out on a journey to different parts of Pakistan shooting videos of the beauty Pakistan has to offer to captivate the national and international audience.

During my journey, I made short videos so as to lure the audience nationally and internationally. Tourism in our country, which was subjected to terrorism, has to be revived

She has now started a cause called ‘VideoPakistan’, a Facebook and YouTube page where she uploads her videos and asks other travelers to contribute.

I have an official YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram account where I upload all my videos. I officially go by the name “videopakistan” I encourage each and every one of you to travel and explore Pakistan as it is gifted with breathtaking beauty.

The idea behind the project is explained in this video as well

Check out some of the videos uploaded by the page:

Astore Valley

During our winter trip 2016, we visited Astore valley and stayed at army high altitude school. During our stay, Pakistan army arranged for us short training courses, bonfire night, skiing and much more. One of the finest experience of my life.


Thandiani, a hill station in the Galyat area of Pakistan

Makran Coastal Highway (Karachi to Gwadar)

Tracking at Arang Kel, Azad Kashmir

Simli Dam, Karor Meadows

Skiing at Swat- Malam Jabba

Churna Island

Trekking towards Bayal Camp


Hyper-lapse of the Karakorum Highway

If you love traveling you can share your videos with Videopakistan by sending your entries at For more videos, head over to their official Facebook and YouTube profiles.