American Vlogger Back At It Again With Pakistani Battery-Wala

Meet Christina Crockett:

She was the girl behind the famous Arab ‘Aye Laav Youuuu‘ boy, the video that went viral; and now she is back at it again, but this time the game is in our own backyard in KPK. She called a Pakistani battery shop owner from KPK to ask for her batteries.

The Original Arab Kid:

Zahid Battery Center Wala:

The video is all sorts of hilarious with Christina shouting ‘I want my batteries’  and the KPK Battery-wala’s almost poker-face reaction to everything and asking for her address to send the batteries to.

On asking how she could contact him, our battery-wala responds with ‘Pakistan’. Of course, easy to find a person in Pakistan but then he is more direct and tells her that he can be found at ‘Zahid Battery Center, KPK, Pakistan’. Phew, that sure narrows it down.

It is heartening to know how the internet and technology are bringing together, even if in comedic humor, people from all over the world from diverse backgrounds; and have them asking for batteries all the way from America to KPK Pakistan. The hilarious twist again comes in the video as Christina is dancing to music but battery-wala bhai’s connection freezes and she just simply can’t believe that he left her!