An Advanced Variant Of Typical Rickshaws Are Heading To Pakistan

Rickshaws are one of the most sought out taxi services in Pakistan. They’re small, convenient and affordable.

But the typical rikshaw’s that run in the major cities of Pakistan are also quite a nuisance. They’re uncomfortable, unstable and quite noisy!

To fix the situation of rickshaws in the country, one company ‘Green Wheels Private Limited’ has introduced hybrid rikshaws.

Built in China, these rickshaws will now be locally assembled from the ground up. These new advanced variants of the typical rickshaw will offer a comfortable and affordable ride to the many million customers that ride a rickshaw every day.

The rickshaws are hybrid, meaning they run both on fuel and electricity. Plus they are also being equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Looking at the features, one may think that these rickshaws will be an expensive option over the typical variant, but Green Wheels Limited have confirmed that these rickshaws will be as affordable as the current variants on the roads.

One thing that makes it so affordable is that the rickshaws don’t consume fuel when the speed limit is kept under 25 km. Plus the rickshaws offer an average of 50km per liter.

The rickshaws are available and according to one source, the government has already started taking bulk orders from the company.