This 10 Man Band From Pakistan Could Be Your Next Favorite Fusion Band

Sounds Of Kalachi, a brainchild of Ahsan Bari is a band unlike any other in Pakistan. This mixture of sufi and alternative rock aims to fuse together sounds to come up something completely different.

The band’s leading member, Ahsan Bari is the singer/producer behind most of the music the band produces.

We started this band with jamming as an idea, but as we continued, you really loved our work and it became a proper setup

Sounds of Kolachi has formed about three years ago in Karachi with 10 members on board.

Ahsan Bari – Vocals and Guitars
Quaid Ahmed – Vocals
Ghazanfar Abbas – Vocals
Nimra Rafiq – Vocals
Waqas Hussain – Sitar
Gul Muhammad – Sarangi
Faraz Anwer – Guitars
Sherjeel O’Neil – Guitars
Saif Abbas Rizwan – Bass
Abdul Aziz Kazi – Drums

The band has been mostly performing live sessions at different venues.

Sounds of Kolachi has also recently released their first studio album which is worth checking out. Their fusion of different music sounds creates something very different and refreshing. Check out the teaser of the album below.

You can listen to the full album on Saavn. The Band will also be touring USA to perform at multiple venues!

Sounds of Kolachi is a part of 2017’s Center Stage line up!