Watch: Thousands Of Americans Joined Muslims During Azaan In Times Square

Several nonmuslim Americans joined hands with Muslims in New York City over the weekend in a demonstration of solidarity.

The demonstration titled ‘ I Am Muslim Too’ took place in the iconic Time Square of New York to protest against President Trump’s travel ban against the Muslims of different countries.

The protesters could be seen holding the American flags and messages written with I am Muslim too. Some women showed solidarity by wearing hijab patterned with the Stripes and Stars of the American Flag.

Many were also seen carrying signs reading ‘No Muslim Ban’ which is a direct reference to Trump’s ban on the travelers from the seven different countries where the ban has been applied.

The rally was led by Russel Simmons, Deftones co-founder, and a Rabbi and Imam. Russel who was once a friend of Mr. Trump said that we would not be speaking ill of the president, in fact, we would like to thank him for bringing us together.

We won’t speak too harshly of him today. We want to thank him for bringing us together. We’re using the Muslim community as a scapegoat. We are being mean to the people who are the victims of terrorism.

The democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio also gave a short speech at the rally saying that they had to dispel the stereotypes and that America is a country that was founded to protect all faiths.

we have to dispel the stereotypes, America is a country founded to protect all faiths and all beliefs

During the rally, an Imam recited the Azaan with thousands of Muslims and Americans standing together in silence.

Trump’s controversial travel ban against the Muslims affected the citizens of Iraq, Yamen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Syria. The ban was implemented but was later denied and put to hold by a federal judge.

Trump has now promised to sign a new legislation which will replace his previous order. Trump has not revealed how this new legislation will be different from his previous order.