Was Waqar Zaka’s ‘Trimmer Lao’ Incident With Junaid Khan Real Or A Marketing Stunt?

The recent story of Waqar Zaka and Junaid Khan ended when the two reconciled with each other. But if you thought this was the end, you may be surprised to hear about a new development in the entire saga.

Just today, a video of a woman appeared over the internet making some shocking claims about Waqar Zaka and Junaid Khan. Apparently, this lady knows both personalities closely.

The whole Waqar-Junaid saga began when a video of Zaka being beaten by a group of people in Clifton, Karachi went viral over the internet. The video was uploaded claiming that Zaka had harassed a close female friend of Junaid Khan, causing him to turn to violence.

The original video of Waqar Zaka being beaten up


Soon after the incident, Zaka registered a FIR against Junaid and gave an interview to different news channels until the matter resolved between the two behind cameras and without ending up in the police station.

Waqar Zaka registering FIR and talking to press


Waqar Zaka & Junaid Khan after they resolved the matter


Now the entire story has taken a ‘filmy’ twist when an unknown woman covered in veil uploaded a video claiming that the whole story was staged to earn publicity. You can listen to what she has to say in the video below:


Do you think her claims are correct? She does have some valid points after all.

For example, the specific lines from the video ‘Mene apko bola kya hai’ and ‘Trimmer lao’ did produce a lot of attention.

Here are just some of the examples of how much public attention the video provided:

There was a song produced over ‘mene apko bola kya hai’ line


Then there were all kinds of other videos and memes over the internet