This Stunt School In Pakistan May Help Produce Hollywood Like Stuntmen In The Future

A daring video showing a man lifting bricks from his eyes and bending a metal bar with his teeth appeared on the internet recently.

This video was shot in Pakistan in a school which claims itself as a ‘stunt school’. Located in Balochistan, the stunt school is teaching kids and adults to do daring acts of entertainment which are both amusing and bizarre at the same time.

The clip lasting over a minute shows a man and a couple of his students performing daredevil stunts which will leave your mouth open.

The school is run by seasoned stuntman Farooq. He has a passion for putting his body through pain to entertain others.

Now he is seeking funds from the government to bring in international standard equipment and facilities to train his students and prepare them to perform internationally.

This school, if funded could also help bolster Pakistani film industry with stuntmen which it lacks considerably.

Our movies lack stunts simply because we do not have professional stuntmen to perform stunts for movies that can rival our neighbors or the international cinema.

The school continues to seek support from wherever it can get so Pakistan can also get this kind of entertainment available.