Your SMS’s Are About To Get A Lot More Fancier

If you’re a Telenor customer on an Android-powered device, your standard SMS app is about to get a whole lot fancier.

Google has just partnered with Telenor to bring freedom and creativity to your native SMS application. In simple words, this means you will now be able to send rich text messages without using Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or other text applications.

Google recently rolled out a new SMS technology called RCS (Rich Communications Service) which essentially puts in a whole lot of customization options on your native SMS application.

With RCS technology implemented, Telenor users will now be able to add emoticons, videos, gif images and other fun stuff into their regular SMSs.

Telenor is the third cellular company in the world to receive this technology from Google. Earlier, this technology was handed to Sprint in the U.S. and Roger’s network in Canada.

Telenor was the perfect third option for Google to partner with because it has around 214 million subscribers around the world from regions like Europe and Asia. In Pakistan, Telenor has about 39 million subscribers.

Telenor has already begun the process of evaluating and assessing of the RCS rollout plans in Pakistan. This could only mean that the technology is only a couple of months away before it gets implemented on Android devices.

The only problem is that RCS will be rolled out on modern Android devices. So if you’re still carrying a device that is using an older version of Android, you may not see your SMS application getting upgraded to RCS.