See These Hidden Gems Of Pakistan Through The Eyes Of Marrya Abbasi

Showcasing the hidden little gems of Pakistan

M.A.P Films or Marrya Abbasi’s Pakistan is doing a terrific job in finding and showcasing the hidden little gems of Pakistan.

To sing the praises of something that is already famous for its success and progress is easy to do, however in these videos I want to take the opportunity to portray and bring forward the vast open and hidden gems of Pakistan: bring the reality of this multi faceted and multi layered society out into the world.

Marrya Abbasi’s Pakistan is a series of short videos that portray some of the well hidden, self-managed causes of Pakistan.

Episode 1 – Langer (Free Kitchen)

Her first episode ‘Langar’ shows how a small restaurant in Rawalpindi is helping people feed for free.

Hunger has been one of the most alarming problems in Pakistan. 6 out of 10 Pakistanis are food insecure. Almost 44 million people in Pakistan are Malnourished. Pakistan  ranks 77th out of 109 on the Global Food Security Index. But there are people selfelssly working day and night to feed their countrymen.

Marrya Abbasi's Pakistan – Episode 1: Langar

Episode 1: Langar (A place where food is dispensed to the needy)A simple family in Rawalpindi reminds us that charity still exists, even in such an uncharitable world; a story of destitution and salvation.Soundtrack: Duur – Umer Farooq

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Episode 2 – Ilm (Education)

The second episode titled ‘Ilm’ shows a self-managed school for the less unfortunate run by Tauheed Sohail. She started this school in Islamabad in hopes of educating children who are unfortunate to afford to go to one. She has enrolled as many as 30 students in her school and will educate them until they reach grade 10th.

From there on, Tauheed will send them to college and if possible, to universities where they will learn to become doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. For this, she has already started gathering funds.

The state of education in Pakistan has always cast a bleak shadow on it’s future. More than 27 million children are out of school. Approximately 4 million of these children are laborers. Over 19 million of these children have never been to school. But not everyone is standing idly by.

Marrya Abbasi's Pakistan – Episode 2: ILM

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela.And this woman is doing just that, one child at a time.Episode 2 – Ilm

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You can donate for ILM school by visiting here.

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