Ramiz Raja To Make First Film Revolving Around Cricket And Terrorism

Ramiz Raja, the legendary Pakistani commentator and former cricket icon have announced that he is entering the film industry.

Being passionate about cricketing, Ramiz Raja has spent most of his life around this sport. So it comes as no surprise that his movie is also going to be about cricket.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Raja revealed that his film will show a story where cricket will have some kind connection in exterminating terrorism. How that will be done, is a story for another time.

He further revealed that he has already convinced Bollywood icons to join him as actors. Speaking to the press, he told that Sanjay Dutt is already onboard the project. Now Raja is eyeing a female lead for the movie.

He hopes that he will be able to rope in names like Katrina Kaif or Mahira Khan as the leading lady in the film.

For now, we will have to wait and see how things turn out. The next move from Raja is to complete the cast for the film which he will announce at a later date.

Ramiz Raja has confirmed that his debut movie will have tons of action and suspense. He hopes that it will successfully engage the audience of both Pakistan and India.