Watch: Pakistani Crushes 77 Drink Cans With His Elbow In 60 Seconds To Set A New Record

Muhammad Rashid, a martial arts expert from Karachi Pakistan has achieved another impressive Guinness World Record under his belt.

The most recent of his records had him crushing 77 drink cans in 60 seconds with his bare elbow. This is by far his most impressive international record.

The rules of the record were simple, the individual must break as many cans as possible in a minute. The cans had to be unopened and filled with drink. The cans had to be crumpled to a width of 3 cms to qualify.

The record-breaking event was held in Gemona, Italy and was organized by the Associazione Cons.erva. Several locals appeared to cheer for Muhammad Rashid as he broke the record.

Muhammad Rashid hails from Karachi, Pakistan and is the president and founder of Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.

This isn’t the first record he has broken. The martial artist has also broken the following records:

  1. Most nunchaku hits in 60 seconds. His record is 350 hits.
  2. Most walnuts crushed by bare hand in 60 seconds. His record is 210 walnuts crushed.
  3. Most spins of a fire staff in 60 seconds. His record is 166 spins.
  4. Most walnuts crushed by Elbow in 60 seconds. His record is 128 walnuts.
  5. Most bottle caps removed with head in 60 seconds. His record is 61 bottle caps.

6. Most walnuts crushed with forehead in 60 seconds. His record is 155.