Pakistan Women Rugby Team Makes Memorable Debut In International Competition

National Pakistan Women rugby team just made their debut at an international event, a feat we are all proud of.

The national women’s rugby team was formed only a year ago, but they have already come out a long way to represent Pakistan in the Asian Women’s Rugby Sevens in Laos.

The seven teams that participated were Pakistan, India, Laos, Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia and South Korea.

The Pakistan women team won 1 game out of the six they played. They won their game against Nepal (17-7). The team may not have been able to make it to the top, but in our hearts, these women are heroes of Pakistan for taking a sport to the international level that is so foreign to our country.

For everyone it’s a huge deal that the women are playing rugby – Mehru Khan.

Mehru Khan, who plays for the women’s rugby team expressed her excitement to be a part of the event because it is a huge deal for the women of this country to be playing rugby.

First, that’s a big deal that women are playing rugby. And secondly that we are getting a platform to come and perform to represent our country.

The women’s rugby team in Pakistan was formed with the help of many schools and students. The officials from Pakistan rugby had contacted different schools and universities for interested individuals and they received a great response.

In a country where the men’s cricket team is the only team that gets the most response, this was an amazing feat.

Rugby player Feiza Mahmood Mirza believes that their team taking part in an international event will help shape our society for the better. They all are there as an inspiration for the rest of the women of Pakistan.

So we are here, because I think we are making change. We are the one(s) who are gonna be the inspiration for other girls.

The Pakistan Rugby Union is now trying its best to make women rugby part of the culture in Pakistan. They have now signed multiple contracts with different departments like Police, army and various schools and universities to train about 10,000 more girls till 2019.

Mehru Khan, a player in the team who discovered her love for rugby in Canada now expresses her intent to create a club in Lahore for girls. She is very hopeful that more girls will come and play this sport.

I will go back and I will create a club in Lahore for girls. I will go to their houses and call them and play rugby because I don’t want them to feel they are less than us or than the boys or anyone. They should come and they should join and they should have fun.

With the women’s team now competing at international events, we are very hopeful that a new culture will be developed in Pakistan where more and more women will take sports as a career.

We wish the women’s rugby team all the best for their future competitions.