All you need to know about Nokia 3310 phone that’s making a comeback

Originally released almost two decades ago, Nokia has re-released the 3310 with few new tweaks on the popular Mobile World Congress event 2017.

But Is it really worth buying? You be the judge of that, but it certainly is going to grab your attention with its colorful variants.

Some of  the main features of 3310 are

  • Available in 4 Colors including two playful yellow and red colors as well as gray (same as original) and blue matte.
  • Measures 115.6x51x12.8mm with an entirely plastic body.
  • 2.4 QVGA Display
  • 16MB of onboard storage with an option to extend through MicroSD (Max 32 GB Storage)
  • 2g Network but No-Wifi. Includes Opera browser for basic browsing.
  • Bluetooth, Micro USB & AUX.
  • 2MP Camera with LED Flast
  • Single & Dual Sim variants
  • 1200 mAh Batter with 31 Days Standby and 22 hours of talk time. Also has 51 Hours of MP3 Playback time.
  • And most importantly it has the original SNAKE Game with slight modifications and update for 2017 (and colors)

Nokia 3310 Availability and Price

The phone’s exact release date has not been announced yet, but Nokia is looking for a Q2 launch of this year. This means it could be anytime during July, August, or September.

The phone will be priced at 49 Euro which equals to 5500 PKR, but it probably will be available for more than that in Pakistan.

Should  You buy Nokia 3310?

We can’t help you make up your mind about that but we certainly can help you by giving our opinion.

1. This is a perfect phone for your parents or grandparents who use a tablet at home and don’t want to take an expensive phone with them when they go out because of the fear of losing the phone. Also, they won’t have to worry about having to charge the phone every day is also a big plus.

2.  Nokia 3310 is a perfect backup phone you don’t have to worry about. For everyone who has an expensive phone that they can’t stop worrying about while working out at a gym, hiking or just playing sports this might be the answer. Sure there are other feature phones for even less price but nothing as this cool.

3. A Perfect phone for those who need to disconnect a little. If you work in tech life and at times, have to be in front of a screen 16 hours a day maybe it’s good to have a low featured phone, so you don’t get bothered with emails and so much more for the other few hours a day. Might keep you sane longer.

4. As a Mp3 player for your car. With 52 hour mp3 playing time and a 32 GB SD card full of songs, it’s not a bad solution for your car music needs.

Or just get it because you want to remember how the good old days used to feel like.