Meet Aymen Sami, The Girl Who Donated 21 Inches Of Her Hair To Cancer Patients

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Aymen Sami, a resident of Karachi and an MBBS student has done something that very few girls dare to do.

She has donated 21 inches of her hair to a cause that arrange wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Aymen saw a video of a girl who survived cancer but had lost her hair due to the after effects of chemotherapy. She was moved by the video and being a girl, could instantly connect to the suffering and agony the girl and her family was going through.

It all started the day I saw a video of a little girl who survived cancer but had lost her hair after chemotherapy. That was very heart-wrenching. No one really chooses to have cancer. I pictured myself without hair and tried imagining the agony and suffering of that girl and her family. We know that our appearance impacts our personality, our self-esteem. Hair is strongly connected to that self-esteem, especially for a girl. And being a girl I know what my hair means to me. Hair loss through chemotherapy doesn’t only affect the child’s health but could affect him/her psychologically and restrain him/her from experiencing life the way a child should. – said, Aimen Sami.

There are many cancer patients around the world who manage to survive this life-threatening┬ádisease. But life after cancer isn’t exactly normal. The effects of chemotherapy can leave one with many side effects, such as complete hair loss, depression, anxiety and more.

For a girl, living without her hair is a traumatic experience. They start feeling isolated from others and may never be able to live a normal life.

A cause in Pakistan, started an initiative to help to surviving cancer patients by providing them with hair. Getting a wig is quite expensive and not many families can afford this luxury.

Aymen found out about the cause and instantly convinced herself to donate her hair. Of course, it wasn’t easy for her, but she knew she could grow them back in time.

So, I made the decision to cut my hair short and donate it for those brave cancer patients. I decided to give my hair as a gift to them. I don’t know for whom my hair would be used for but I already felt connected to that person , a strange beautiful connection of humanity. ALHAMDOLILLAH, I was blessed with long beautiful hair, and I am even more grateful that I was able to share that blessing.
Lets be honest, it wasn’t easy for me to cut off my beloved long hair, but I knew I can grow them back. Alhamdulilah, I was successful in convincing my parents too. – added, Aymen.

It takes around 6-10 ponytails of hair to prepare one wig. Aymen successfully donated 21 inches of her hair. You can read her full story below:

It all started the day I saw a video of a little girl who survived cancer but had lost her hair after chemotherapy. That…

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If you want to donate your hair to this cause, you can learn more about it at

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