The Many Faces Of Zoe Viccaji In Her Latest Music Video ‘Ishq Kinara’ Proves She’s More Than Just A Singer

Zoe Viccaji’s ‘Ishq Kinara’ video is finally out and we can’t get enough of it. The music video is special because we haven’t seen something like this before, especially with the lead singer taking on so many roles.

The video focuses on theatrical performance from the viewpoint of the actors and actresses as well as from the people in the backstage and in the crowd. The best bit? Zoe plays a different character in every scene.


For example, she takes on the roles of different kinds of fans we see in theatrical performances and in cinemas.

Here are some of her characters we were able to identify from the video.

Zoe plays the annoying aunty in the audience who can’t stop making distracting noises
Zoe as a crazy fanboy who can’t get enough of her favorite celebrity
She is also playing a famous celebrity who comes to enjoy the theatrical performance but fans can’t help but distract her

Throughout the video, Zoe keeps changing her appearances to showcase a new character in the theatrical performance going on. One of our favorites was the last character she plays which is based off ‘Mask of Zorro’.

Ishq Kinara was also performed by Zoe Viccaji in Coke Studio. Here is the original performance:

Before the release of the video, Zoe was busy doing free promotion for her video which was hilarious. Watch one of her most popular teasers for the video below: