Khalid Malik, The voice of Breakfast Show for last 10 years is leaving CityFM89

If you’ve have been tuning to CityFM 89 every morning to listen to The Breakfast Show for your daily fix of entertainment, it’s a sad news for you.

Khalid Malik, the popular RJ who has hosted The Breakfast Show for the past 10 years is bidding farewell to the Radio station, and his last show will be on 10th of February.

Khalid Malik has become somewhat of a champion for those who have eagerly waited every morning to hear his voice while being stuck in traffic heading towards their destination. He has now announced that he is leaving the radio station to embark on new ventures in life. Before the announcement was made, RJ Malik updated his Facebook page with a cover photo teasing fans of a big announcement.

On the morning of 4th February, Khalid used The Breakfast Show to make the big announcement which is available below.

During the announcement, Khalid mentioned that he did it all for last 10 years because the love he had for his listeners. He ended his message by thanking everyone and sharing of his the life lessons he learned in last decade.

For the Married Men

For the men who are married and things aren’t right with your wife, stop everything now and goto her and make things right. You need her more than you can imagine. She is your strength and pillar be committed to her. Make it right and you’ll find energy you’ve never tapped into before.


For the Women

To the woman stand by your man, even if he’s only changed a light bulb make him feel like he’s just saved the entire world and watch him transform in front of your eyes.


For the Girls

To the girls in colleges, universities, and schools you are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to be any way for anybody.


For the Students

To the students who message me on a daily basis that exam that is around the corner, remember that is minutiae in the scheme of things. Life will throw many exams at you, be prepared for those and stand firm ground.


Bigger than you

Always work for something bigger than you! Whether it’s for your community or your family, step outside yourself.


To Everyone

To everyone, don’t take yourself seriously.


Following his announcement, fans from all over Pakistan poured in their messages to their favorite RJ. While some of them wished him well for his upcoming endeavors, some couldn’t stop their emotions from taking over. Fans have sent their messages on his facebook, SoundCloud and twitter and some event sent videos which Khalid Malik was nice enough to share on his facebook page. We shared them below.

Azeem from Lahore!

Moazzam who’s entire family including kids are fan of the RJ

We wish you all the best! But the Mornings aren’t going to be same without you Khalid!