The Invincible Nokia 3310 Is Returning From The Dead

Nokia’s iconic 3310 is about to make a comeback. The news was first revealed by Evan Blass, known throughout the world for publishing leaked stories when it comes to smartphones.

In a post by Evan, he revealed that the Finish manufacturer HMD is ready to launch 4 new Nokia devices which will be unveiled in the coming months. One of these devices is the legendary Nokia 3310.

The other 3 devices include Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Nokia 6 has already been revealed and launched in China. Now the other three phones will be unveiled by the company very soon.

According to Evan, a modern version of the iconic 3310 will be released. Nokia 3310 is known for its long battery life, and it’s near strong form factor.

The modern version of the phone will retain most of its features and will be launched at the price of $60 or less.

As far as the other phones are concerned, HMD Global is bringing back Nokia in the market with preinstalled Android operating system. Previously, Nokia was in partnership with Microsoft. This partnership brought the Windows mobile OS exclusively to the Nokia smartphones.

The Nokia 3 will be an entry-level phone while the Nokia 5 will be a mid-range phone.

There have been thousands of memes on the internet that depicts its strong design. Here are some of our favorite memes from the web.