More Drama as Waqar Zaka’s Facebook Page Hacked

Waqar Zaka’s Facebook account was reportedly hacked last night by someone called ‘BOSS’. A status was immediately uploaded by the hacker threatening to release the personal information of the celebrity.

The hacker wanted Zaka to admit that he had staged the whole episode that took place between him and Junaid Khan last month.

The video in which Waqar Zaka was being beaten by Junaid went viral over the internet, especially the lines ‘Trimmer Lao’ and ‘Boss, mene apko bola kya hai‘? These lines, later on, became the subject of many memes and jokes over the internet.

Apparently, Waqar has already gotten back his account and here’s what he had to say about it.

Now some people are speculating that this was another publicity stunt to stay in the limelight, especially because the hacker referred to himself as ‘BOSS’ and the fact that he got his hacked account back in less than 24 hours.