This couple shows that confidence comes from within!

There is at least one dwarf man or woman among 1,000 Pakistani people, yet when you go out, you rarely see them.

This is because just like any other challenged person in Pakistan, dwarfism isn’t regarded as an actual problem. Instead, people tend to mock or call names and ultimately little people become a matter of entertainment for ‘ordinary’ people. So a lot of them tend to stay away from public eyes.

But one couple is spreading hope among people of Pakistan. The couple has been married for many years and a child together.

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This couple met when the groom’s family members saw the bride in a public place and decided to approach her family for a marriage proposal. After 4 months, both got married.

Now they have a son together, and as a family, their confidence has increased over time. Before marriage, both of them have faced difficulties in life due to their height. But being together have brought this unique strength in both them that have enabled them to live their life normally.

Even though both still face problems due to their height, both of them are living very happily with their family.

So if you think your age, height or weight will come in the way of your life, look at their story and take some inspiration!