Careem & Uber offered free rides for blood donors after Lahore Blast

Last night was a very sad night for Pakistan. Quetta and Lahore were hit with blasts which resulted in deaths of as many as 18 individuals, leaving scores injured.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this cowardly act of terrorism.

In times like these, Pakistanis need to stay strong and fight back. To cater for the injured, hospitals like Mayo Hospital and Ganga Ram Hospital urgently require blood donations for the treatment.

Ride-hailing services Uber and Careem have both announced a special promotion in these dark times. Both of the companies have announced free rides for anyone willing to donate blood for the injured people.

Both the companies have also removed peak time rates to assist individuals to reach their loved ones around the city with ease.

For Careem, users can use Promo Code: DonateLahore to avail a free ride to nearest hospitals where blood donation is required.

For Uber, users can use Promo Code: Donatelhr to avail free ride to a blood bank or nearby hospital.

People are showing immense support for the two ride-hailing companies:

Careem captain goes out of his way to help a young lady reach her destination during the crisis

During the crisis, one of the captains of Careem also showed bravery and support for a young woman who wanted to get a ride to her hotel near the area where the blast happened.

The captain made sure that she reached the hotel safely. When the two couldn’t find a place nearby the hotel to park the car, the driver took it upon himself to walk the lady to her hotel.

Read her full post:

This is not the first time ride-hailing services have shown solidarity in times of emergency.

Last year, Uber joined hands with Lifeline Rescue in Phillippines to offer free rides to customers in times of emergency.

Similarly, Uber joined hands with Flood Relief in Louisiana, the United States to provide Free rides for victims of the massive flooding in Southeast Louisiana last year.

Last year Uber was accused of taking advantage of emergency situations

Uber may have shown solidarity now, but last year during the bombings in New York that left 24 people injured and one dead, the company was accused of charging three times extra fare during the crisis.

When people took notice of this unfair advantage, they protested on Social Media, which led Uber to quickly drop the price hike and change its policy of increasing prices during difficult times.