British Cadets Reciting The Pakistani National Anthem Will Give You The Most Wonderful Feeling Of Today

A recent video showing British cadets lined up with papers held in hand has been circling the internet.

This video shows Cadets from the British Royal Academy paying tribute to their instructor by singing the National Anthem of Pakistan.


When the British about to become Officers pay respect to their Instructor by singing the National Anthem of his Country right before their Graduation Parade-

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Posted by Fahd Hadeed Malik on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Their instructor is none other than Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik, the only Pakistan Army officer who graduated from the British Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst alongside Prince Williams.

The video has gained thousands of views and shares on the internet by Pakistanis from all over the world.

It is a great honor for Pakistanis to hear their National Anthem being recited by foreign soldiers. An honor that Major Uqbah made possible.

Major Malik graduated from RMAS in 2007. He then returned to Pakistan and fought 3 years in the military operation against terrorists in Waziristan.

When I graduated from Sandhurst in 2007 I reported back to my battalion the first Sindh Regiment in Waziristan – Major Uqbah Malik

Major Uqbah is honored to be the first Pakistani officer who took on the duty of Platoon Commander in RMAS. He also won the Sword of Honour from the very same institution when he graduated.

He was brought in as an instructor at the RMAS as part of the British-Pakistan military partnership. On occasion, RMAS officer Colonel Harty expressed that Pakistan had faced a lot of challenges in the past and it would be a great learning experience for the British army to bring in someone who was familiar with the dynamics.

Pakistan has faced some real challenges and these are challenges we have also grappled with throughout the years. We feel that there is great learning to be partnering with Pakistan both at the strategic level but also the more human lower level and bringing Major Uqbah into our team in order to achieve that.

Major Uqbah is indeed providing critical experience to the cadets at the RMAS. This video is proof how much respect he has been given in the academy.