How Big of an Explosions can LPG Cylinders Cause?

Recently after a blast in DHA, Lahore where eight people lost their life and 20 injured,  the Government announced that LPG Cylinders was the reason behind it.

After seeing the photos and videos of the destruction a lot of people have been skeptical if a Cylinder can even cause such damage and if the government is covering up. We will leave it up to you to decide but for those who are skeptical to whether this much damage can be caused by cylinders check out some of the videos & News from below.

A Small Cylinder Blast at a roadside vendor

Cylinder Blast at Home

Another one at a Pump

Truck Explosion Carrying LPG Cylinders

Except the last one, all of these are just single small cylinder compared with many big ones which are used by most restaurants in Pakistan.

Photo of Empty Cylinders used by Restaurant in DHA.

LPG Blasts Sadly are not rare in Pakistan

Due to this explosion happening at times when there is a wave of terrorists attack our mind automatically goes toward that, but LPG Blasts have sadly been caused lots of destruction in Past as well.

India’s not much better either.

Things that Point to Cylinder Blast

  • The eyewitness report of staff pointing out foul odor from the basements where cylinders are kept before they went to check on it.
  • The blast occurred around 11:40 am, the time when most restaurants are opening up. Gas could have been leaking through the night in the basement.
  • The presence of multiple large cylinders.
  • An unusual target for terrorists.
  • The Government said so after a day of investigation.
  • Not unusual for LPG Blasts to happen.

Was the DHA, Lahore blast really an accident caused by LPG Cylinders or a terrorist attack? You decide. But if your think that this much damage can’t be caused by Cylinders you probably are wrong.