Another Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe Opens In Pakistan

It seems themed cafe’s trend has started to pick up in Pakistan. Just recently a Breaking Bad themed cafe opened its doors in Islamabad.

Now a bunch of graduates from FAST has just launched a new cafe based on the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’.

If you’ve been wondering how it feels like to dine in Westeros, you can now experience it first hand. The cafe ‘King’s Landing Cafe & Grill’ is now serving food with an ambiance that many of the GOT fans will feel at home with.

The cafe based in Bahria Town, Phase 4 Islamabad. And if you’re not in Islamabad, there’s another GOT themed cafe in Lahore.

The ambiance of the cafe speaks GOT all over. There are posters, decor and many things that will constantly remind you of the show. Plus the menu items are also named after the show.

Food like King of Andals, Sand Snake Pasta, Little Fingers and Cheesy Khaleesi are just some of the items to give you an idea of how customized the menu is.

One of the unique things about the cafe is its Mountain Challenge. This is basically a huge beef burger served at the cafe with a twist. The customer is challenged to eat the entire burger in a given time. If they manage to eat the burger on time, they will be given an instant discount of 50% on it.

Plus the challenge winner will also have their name written on the challenge winner’s board. As long as their name stays there, they will be given a 10% lifetime discount on the entire menu until someone else beats their time.

King’s Landing is definitely a must try especially if you love Game of Thrones and food together. And if you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones, you can also visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter in a themed cafe in Islamabad.