Ali Azmat’s New Song For TV Series ‘Rasm e Duniya’ Is A Must Listen

Abdullah Seja’s new TV serial for ARY caught many eyes because it marks the return of Aremeena Rana Khan who has been busy working on a movie in the United Kingdom.

The shooting for the drama has been completed and now the teasers have started rolling out which means the drama is on its way to being released soon.

But what really makes it even more special is that its official theme song is done by none other than our very own Rock icon Ali Azmat. Once you hear the song, you’ll simply fall in love with it.

The drama touches on topics like revenge, family, and betrayal. That’s why the song has been titled ‘Kahan Hoon Main’ which is without any doubt a fitting title for the song when you get to know the plot of the drama.

The song has been composed by Waqar Ali and the lyrics have been written by Saabir Zafar, a man we are all very familiar with.

When these three meet together to create a song, only magic can happen. Watch the teaser for the drama below.