Watch: Pakistani Barber Sets Hair On Fire To Straighten Them

Barbers may have unique styles when it comes to giving their customers a good haircut, but this Pakistani barber is taking hair cutting to a whole new level.

His technique involves setting the client’s hair on fire while using his combs to straighten their hair and give them a cut.

His unusual hair cutting technique was found by Omar R Quraishi, a well-known journalist in Pakistani media industry.

He tweeted the video on his Twitter account and it was filled with comments and questions from people who were equally amused and shocked to see the hair cutting style.

The barber first puts a lotion on the hair then covers it with powder. Then he starts to comb the hair to straighten it. Then finally he turns to his trusty lighter and sets the client’s hair on fire. Then he uses a pair of combs and scissors to cut excessive hair and straighten them.

But what really surprised us is the calmness the main getting the hair cut shows. It seems he is not even concerned about the danger this technique poses. He sits calmly while the barber gets his job done.

Would you get a hair cut from this man if given the chance?